EVGENY CHUBAROV. Untitled, 1995
Oil on canvas | 300 x 200 cm
Untitled, 1995

Oil on canvas | 300 x 200 cm
Artist's Studio
Gary Tatintsian Gallery

Evgeny Chubarov (1934 — 2012)
Evgeny Chubarov (1934 — 2012)
A painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and award winner of Jackson Pollock's Foundation – Evgeny Chubarov was one of the most enigmatic artists of his day.

Chubarov's paintings are characterized by their great looseness in composition. They seem initially indecipherable, as they follow the so-called All-Over principle eliminates any emphasis on the center, and afforded the artist the opportunity to move freely across the large canvasses.
His works contain numerous layers of linear ornaments, wherein micro and macro structures come to permeate each other during the process of painting. The work is completed in sections, not in one major "paint attack" on the canvas. The accentuation on the lines is striking in this art. Chubarov seems to have been gifted with an intuitive inner command that guided his ideas while he was producing his works.
"The Artist Inbreathed The Line With A Meaning"